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story tonight a mother and her two sons targeted in a home invasion in west baltimore. the two boys are dead and the mother is seriously wounded. >> police say they're looking at several possible not tives in this case as well as several suspects who they say walked into this home and started shooting. >> i say saw the police cars out and the crime tape but we just had no idea what was going on. >> john woke up to a scene he is not used to in his neighborhood. detective tives investigating the murder of who of his neighbors. >> i live in the next block. i have a family and so it's not the kind of news we want in our neighborhood. >> police say they are looking for a group of men who broke into the home and shot a mother and her two sons multiple times.
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>> we do not believe this was a p random incident, it was a target attack. there were three to four suspects entered the residence, shot the victims and fled. >> there was a report ot 9:30 friday night and found the victims. the two boys died and the mother was shot in the hand and face and is in serious condition. >> is neighborhood association president says the family moved on to the street recently and none of them know them well. >> we want to know what is going on in our community and have relationships with our neighbors. >> the detective rives in a good place and are examining several possibilities as far as not tives. we don't want to isolate anything because it is in the early stages of investigation. there are people out there that know something about this crime. >> we're told that another son
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lives at the house but he wasn't home at the time of the shooting. none with information about this case is urged to call the baltimore homicide unit. reporting live at baltimore city police headquarters. new at this hour police are investigating a shooting at east 28th street. investigators say an adult male suffered gunshot wounds. there is no word on a motive or a suspect or the extent of his injuries. police are looking for suspect in an armed robbery and shooting at wal-mart. it was in laurel at 6: 15 this morning. according to police he demanded money and forced the employee in the parking lot where she shot him in the chest. they found a vehicle engulfed in flames. the victim is expected to
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recover. an unsavory discovery at a property in rayser town. a man was working on hedgepocket way when he found what looked like a hand. the call came in just after 11:00 this morning and they can't confirm whether it is a human hand. a man is in custody tonight but police are asking for more information. >> 19-year-old jordan insider of parkville is being held without bail at the baltimore county detention center. they arrested him first for a robbery then connected him to two separate sex al assaults. but now they're saying there could be more victims. >> last november was the first time baltimore county police got the report of a sexual
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assault in this area. a woman was getting into her car when a man grabbed her buttocks before running into the wood. then a few months later another woman said the same thing happened to her in the same area. police weren't able to make an arrest until a few weeks ago. >> we aversed this man on october 31 for robbery. he knocked an older lady to the ground and stole her purse. >> on halloween morning he approached her as she was getting out of her car and stole her wallet. >> detectives saw him as he was running from this parking lot and they were able to chase him down and that's how he was arrested. >> once he was arrest t police were able to link that incident to the two unsolved sexual assaults. >> basically he matched the description we were looking for in the two sexual assaults and the two locations were similar. >> now they want to find out if
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he might be a suspect in other crimes in the area. >> there is a time gap between the two sexual assaults we've charged him more already. that indicates that perhaps there may have been others in the interim. >> again place are asking anyone with any information or who might be a victim to contact them. the number you want to call is 410-887-5310. baltimore police say a father took a gun to a disciplinary meeting at his son's school this morning. rodney parker went inside the academy for college and career exploration with a.22 caliber gun. a cab driver noticed the gun and reported it to a nearby police officer. he was arrested without incident. and the bus operator caught
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on video with a physical at indication with a passenger will not be charged with the incident. m.t.a. police must witness an at indication firsthand before making an arrest. they say an investigation isen going and could result in termination of the driver who is currently suspended without pay. that video has turned up on youtube. >> the fire department has tried to determine what sparked a three alarm fire in lakeshore. the firefighters battled the blaze coming out of the home. no one was hurt. red cross is assisting the two adults and one child displaced. there is no word on the cause. and there could be a future tax in maryland. law makers met to consider whether to impose a new sur charge on the product registration that pet food
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companies pay to the state. it would be on top of the sales tax consumers pay and the existing product registration fee making it the third such tax on a bag of dog or cat food. that would help fund spay or neuter programs. and also a new push to add a $1 on a pack of cigarette. that would help more young people kick the habit. if the measure is approved it would be the fourth hike since 1999. they're hoping that will push the price of a pack of cigarette out of the reach of young smoker. casino operators want to install 150 live table games by early spring. the plan calls for the addition of the 100 new jobs. the maryland gaming commission is planned to address gaming
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regulations next month. we're almost to the fiscal cliff and congress has not announced any progress. president obama is asking law makers to act now on the one area where they do agree. >> we should not hold the middle class hostage while we debate tax cuts for the wealthy. here is something we agree on. we don't want middle classes taxes to go up, let's lock that in. >> he made that appeal during his first news conches since winning reelection. he also says enacting legislation would eliminate the fiscal cliff and they could focus on tax reform and entitlements. overall democrats want to raise taxes on the wealthiest 2% and republicans want to extend them for everyone. there is not much hope about a compromise. as stocks finish the day
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sharply down. the dow done 185 points and the nasdaq also on a down note. if no deal is reesmed taxes for all americans go up january 1. there was also a chance to ask president obama about the scandal of david petraeus. he saysed the no impact on national security. he is also with holding judgment about whether he should have been notified sooner about the petraeus investigation. and the f.b.i. agent who took up kelly's complaint. "the new york times" reports him as a counter terror investigator in the tampa office. that led to petraeus's resignation as c.i.a. director. questioned the notification time line with the f.b.i.
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director and c.i.a. director. the top democrat on the house intelligence committee says because the f.b.i. investigation was criminal in nature. the agency didn't have to notify the white house. >> it began as a criminal investigation involving a seeber threat and that is where the investigation started. investigations e solve involve. information comes out and as you see it has evolved to other situation. and the investigation is not over and the f.b.i. has a lot more work to do. >> they continue to look through documents t. pentagon has suspended her security clearancens and mcdill air force base has revoked kelly's access to that base. there will be a closed door meeting tomorrow on the attacks in bensenville. new tonight former c.i.a.
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director will testify before the committee friday about the events that led up to the deaths of the u.s. ambassador. and today president obama defended susan rice after criticism of her in the after math of that attack. >> she made an appearance at the request of the white house in which she gave her best understanding of the intelligence that had been provided. if senator mccain and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> he pushed back against senators who said they would do whatever to subtle her nomination if he picks her to replace hillary clinton. senator john mccain shot back. >> this president and this
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administration has either been guilty of incompetence or engaged in a cover up negotiate of which are acceptable to the american people. >> and to that senator lindsey gram added mr. president don't think for one minute i don't hold you ultimately responsible. gram said he didn't trust interior rice after the bensenville reports. the security counsel is meeting privately tonight. the secretary general has spoke within egypt's prime minister about the escalation of violence in the region. they carried out r50 strikes in gaza today. one killed the commander of ha mass. >> if you're looking for a faster way to get through security at the airport t.s.a. offers security express check
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infor passengers who fly certain arltse. it's available to u.s. citizens and members of u.s. customs and border protection who provide personal information online trtth to the t.s.a. before their departure. >> we're able to provide them with an online screening procession so it's for the customers who are willing to share information about them fments themselves an opportunity to receive expedited security screening. >> for more you can go to our website and be sure to click on news. tonight is i team takes to task vablet of a life saving drug for overdose victims. >> now with drug overdose the second leading cause of accidental death in the us, why can't everyone who needs this anti-dote get it?
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>> 24-year-old dan was a die harpped ravens fan, seen here outside hines e field in pittsburgh trying to cover stadium signs. that was his public face. privately he was a heroine addict who struggled four times times in rehab to get clean until he overdosed in his parents home. >> at one point he seemed to be gurgling and i think thank goodness he's. but we couldn't save him. >> fortony the only thing for devastating than losing her son is discovering there is a drug that is saving lives. >> you want to know that we did everything we could to be able to save him. so i was sad to know that i could have if i had had it, would that have made a
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difference and i'll never know. >> only dan could have obtained the prescription anti-dote, not tony. >> it looks like. this >> an anti-dote so powerful they are give ig it away in baltimore city. it is sold under the name nar can. it blocks the affects of open yats on the brain and restores breathe. >> when youster it you receive the vile and syringe. >> and while the law prohibits tony getting it for a loved one but people in treatment can get it to potentially save their addicted friends. >> i got a lot of friends in this stuff and it could help. >> the wrong kind of help according to one of the most widely known figures. >> we give them clean needles so they don't get aids and nar can so they don't die. what are we going to give them
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heroine next? because the reality is why sfop? >> we are going to reduce harm the best they can give people the tools they need to survive and that's why we do what we do. >> it is called the staying alive program, drug intervention prevention the needle exchange the only kind in maryland. >> after instructions that include rescue breathing. a doctor writes the prescription for nar can. >> it's not a dangerous drug or addictive but it counters the effects of open yats. >> since the program began back in 2004,, 9300 people have been trained. while it's hard to nail down numbers because people don't report back city officials confirm at least 220 overdose reverseles. >> it isn't a magic bullet but
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it does save lives. >> the distribution of nar can at $38 a kit lowers the death rate which is on the rise in baltimore county. emergency responders do carry nar can but in dan's case it was too late. tony wants it to be readily accessible to loved ones. >> for anyone who has a person with addiction they should have access to this. >> if you take aware the fear of overdosing you take away the motivation to get clean. >> it's been over five years. >> is he a drug user? >> yes he is. >> tony holds on to the notion it might have made a difference for dan and many other young lives. but she is left with the empty feeling she will never know that for sure.
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>> tony serves on a task force devicing the first of its kind statewide overdose prevention plan and explaining the vablet of nar can is one of the options on the table. >> now your forecast. colder than normal mid november day, more like december really with highs in the 40's and lows around 30 degrees. we fell short of the averages on this particular day. and the temperatures will run colder than normal through the next seven days. not huge deficits but significant. 44 downtown right now but only 33 at b.w.i. airport. a little warmer down in the lower eastern shore at 45 degrees so there is some cloud cover coming up acting as a
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bank et but to the north where clouds are thinner, 20's and low 30's below freezing now in the sections west of baltimore. the clouds will continue to spread in and bank et our region and thicken up a little bit. i think the rain stays to our south but the temperatures won't fall much further. the lows are upper 20's to low 30's with wind at five miles per hour. most of the nation covered by high pressure. no big storms on the board right now. that's a big difference we've seen. a couple of week decushesens in the planes and this one is sitting off the coast and as an area of low pressure dwopts, some of the showers may make it
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into the bay late tonight and early morning friday but that stays well to the east as far as baltimore is concerned. and we're back into cool dry conditions friday, saturday and most of sunday. tomorrow highs in the upper 40's and low 50's. wind will be light on the bay and e around a foot. farther from that goment on the coast it will be chilly highs in the 40's. eastern shore cloud cover mostly cloudy thursday and friday highs in the low 50's. if there is going to be rain it will be on the lower shore late tomorrow night and friday morning in the low and midst 50's and if you're making the track to western pennsylvania not too bad in pennsylvania pen temperatures in the 40's. good good football weth
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weather. >> 49 to recall, 53 friday clouds on friday, showers late sunday into monday and move out of the area on tuesday. baltimore schools gather. there are many destinations coming up next in sports.
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in baltimore and pittsburgh and from anywhere anyone knows football. it will be strange to watch sunday night and not see ray lewis or ben. he was hurt in a sack that sprained his shoulder and dislocated a rib. he may not make it back for their meeting december 2 in baltimore. >> from what he said he's trying to talk to experts
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because there is no case study that had this exact same thing. it was like a 1998 rug by player or something and we're trying to talk to people because we don't know. >> the thing about birne is he is competitive. highly successful at one time in jacksonville he was one of the premier quarterbacks in football. he's got a lot of skills and got a lot of wear left. he's not played much lately so ell he's healthy, strong arm and smart player. >> our recruiting class of two 2012 signers ranked first in the country. from maryland the five point star guard ranked the top ten in the nation peters has impact written all over him. and dod out of convenience an quountty high. and he is still groge.
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>> jimmy path thiss ready to smile. you have to smile about that. hub bard two of his points off the bench. retrieverers keeping it close. ryan cook cuts the hound lead to four. a bar team right now under key thomas season. no match tonight. 86-70 your final. >> david price got himself in a close battle for a.m.c. young. there was 153 to 149, tightest race since 1959. price went 20 and 5 this
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season. >> the 38-year-old dickey cut by the mets before the 2010 season began the first knuckle ball pitch to win award. he included 22 scoreless innings. he had surgery last month. a slight pick near at the top of the draft every year the washington wizards remain a show case of utility. it gives fans hope change is on the way. they complete late, second quarter not really completing here. jake crowder, 47-35 dallas. later in the second washington defense still failed. loose ball, elton brand get to the go. wizz fought back losing 1 07-101. >> one of the greatest shots in
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swedish soccer history. he scored four goals. that one is the one everybody rems. we have the reverse flying bicycle kick from 30 yards. that my friends is amazing. >> he becomes the first to ever score field goals on england in the game. >> you got to be a little suicide toll try that kick. you land wrong and it could be really bad. >> he's the hero. >> thank you for making that evidencely clear. >> stay with us
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pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review. >> the big chill has started. >> it's cold out there is what you're saying, right? >> yes. some 20's in the suburbs. temperatures in the fifties friday and saturday. some rain sunday afternoon andlingers monday and tuesday. great football weather in pittsburgh. >> that's our news for tonight. >> thank you for joining us. >> good night.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes academy-award winner, helen hunt. from "jersey shore,"

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